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Charleston Rental Market Forecast for 2015: South Carolina Professional Advice

John Riediger - Monday, July 13, 2015

Today we are talking a little bit about the rental forecast for Charleston in 2015. We’re excited about this topic because the forecast for the market is extremely bright. This is one of the best economies in the country right now. Homes are being built everywhere, and communities and schools are being built in an effort to accommodate the number of people who keep coming to one of the most beautiful places around.

Charleston is growing. Boeing continues to put money and jobs into our community and as a result, manufacturers who have benefited from that relationship continue to grow. Boeing has a lot of locals working for the company, but there are also a number of employees who travel here from other cities for specific jobs and timeframes. Some of those employees are only here for three months or six months, but some come for a year or two and most of them need rental homes.

We are also fortunate enough to help the men and women of our military find homes when Charleston is their next stop. The future for this rental market is great. It’s growing and it’s keeping us busy. The way things are going there is no reason to believe that the rental market will slow down.

The Charleston area is pretty laid back. People here are friendly and the living is good. At Lowcountry Property Management and Sales, we are a group of busy people with never-ending work.

Come and take advantage of this bright rental forecast in Charleston. We’d be happy to guide you, so contact us at Lowcountry Property Management and Sales.

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